Immediately upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email;
Our dedicated service team processes all orders within 12 hours of receipt.
 a reminder Order processed does not mean shipped.  Also multiple items on the same order may be shipped separately

 You will receive a second email once your items have been received by the carrier with full tracking information; simply click on that tracking number and it will provide you with tracking options or that information can be input conveniently on this website

On-Site Tracking Link

 Our customers in the United States

Items ordered from our warehouses within United States can expect  delivery within 3 to 10 days 96% of our customers receive their items within 7 days.

When receiving an order from our International warehouses you can expect to receive your items anywhere from 7 to 21 days 86% of our customers receive their orders within 2 weeks.

 Our International customers can expect delivery of their items within 7 to 28 days. with 78% of our International customers receiving their orders within 14 days.

Please be patient and take full advantage of the free shipping and tracking provided.

all of our orders come with a maximum delivery date, upon which if that time passes a full refund and an evergreen 20% coupon are immediately initiated

 all shipping times expressed according to our statistics unfortunately such circumstances as weekends holidays extreme weather or Customs can extended these times.