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Pricing Guarantee Submissions

The Knights defend You! 360* guarantee! 

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Found a matching item with lower price!
  • With Free expedited tracked shipping
  • & a Full 30-day guarantee ** many of our items have extended guarantees 

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Desktop or cell phone.

Submission by instant message or email Fast Response!

#1 Highlight address in browser copy and paste here or in instant messenger!

 confirmation at my discretion will be made by matching image, description of materials.

  1. Shipping provided Must be expedited free and trackable.
  2. Returns policy must be a full 30 days from having received the item.
  • No multi Merchant sites
  • No wholesale items
  • The item cannot be associated ANY other discount.
  • Gold items and gemstones where the validity of the claim cannot be proven are void from this offer.

You are welcome to make as many submissions as you wish,

constraints limit one submission until conclusion of submission.

oftentimes my response will be almost immediate. I always do my best to get back to you within 24 hours, I thank you ahead of time for your patience

    Your submission qualifies

    We will be happy to match that price. 

    Reward you with a 20% off coupon for any items bought with that purchase!

    Reward with an evergreen 20% off coupon for all future purchases Not bad huh!

    Submission does not qualify we want to salute you for your efforts, & gain you as a loyal customer. with an evergreen 20% off coupon to our store good luck!