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#1 Highlight the address of the item in your browser copy and paste it Within this message below

#2 repeat the process for the item on our website

🌟 The item must match the item that is found on our website. which be confirmed by a matching image,description of materials.

  1. Shipping provided Must be expedited free and trackable
  2. Returns policy must be a full 30 days from having received the item
  • No multi Merchant sites
  • No wholesale items
  • The item cannot be associated with another discount such as buy one get one offer
  • Gold items and gemstones where the validity of the claim cannot be proven are void from this offer.

we will reach out to you within 72 hours to acknowledge receipt your submission, please be patient it can take us a little longer to confirm weather your item qualifies😁

constraints limit one submission per email address until conclusion of submission.

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