Adorn the beauty that we already know is there Avant Garde Treasures – Avant-garde Treasures

Your an Avant garde Treasure

Your inner beauty is Manifest @ this very moment.

 Affirm this Truth throughout your day! 

We all have the intrinsic need for Safety, security, love;

Being loved, expressing love.  

Our purpose is to make the world a better place.

By Nurturing inner & aesthetic Beauty.

We are empowered  Self- realization actualization!

Exercising the Beauty of the unique individual that is you.

Is the greatest gift you could offer yourself and others.

A happy healthy  Avant-garde Treasure!

Adorning oneself with jewelry has been consistent throughout human history, across religions, cultures, class, and gender.

Jewelry has a palpable force.

Adorning oneself with jewelry plays an essential role in the Nurturing of ones psychological and now scientifically proven! physiological well-being!

How GREAT is that!

so much personal enjoyment! so much fun! and it's proven to be good for you.

& everyone you come in contact with!

Jewelry possesses the miraculous ability to express the energy and personality of the individual.

Unique to the wearer. no one can own the same piece of jewelry it's just not possible.

OK! if you stuck with us this far you are seriously considering spending your hard-earned money with us Thank you! one more minute and we will confirm why you should.

I have experienced, listened to many complaints from friends and family, concerning the e-commerce shopping experience. let's take a look at some of these issues. and in particular,  what we have done to solve each issue in order to provide you with the best possible e-commerce experience.

Are my credit card and personal information secure on this website? 

YES!   https://Avant-Garde Treasures is a secured web address. your personal information is not accessible by me or anyone else Click Read more!

 Slooooow loading times,

we are a member of the Google AMP project with guaranteed 3G load times of less than one second, ⚡THATS FAST!

Constant interruptions!

Soliciting for email. offering coupons aghhh! Roulette wheels 🎡 urgency timers that insult one's intelligence. 

 ⏰hurry only 15 minutes left buy this item don't miss out only 10854 left

"PLEASE" it is all just too much!

 Never knowing? what one is going to have to pay for an item until you have...

  • surrendered your email,
  • Removed automatically loaded
  • (Others bought these items together) from your cart.
  • Choose payment shipping options and so on. before you know what you have to pay for the product
  •  Very Frustrating.

How do I know I'm getting a good price? 

Shop in complete confidence with our unique price-matching guarantee easily make your submissions on messenger or by email we've got our competitors beat hands down Read more!

what about shipping times and cost?

 Our exclusive Free shipping model! expedited and tracked shipping is provided with every order. you are guaranteed to receive your item undamaged & described by a specific date or your full refund is initiated if you received the item after that date, of course, it is yours to keep free of charge. Read More!

? how accessible is customer service!

HI! Jason Martin owner your personal customer service agent access me directly ⚡MESSAGE US 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

what if I'm not pleased with my purchase!

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed Click Read more!

30 Day Refunds Returns Exchange Click Read More!

last but not least

the entire reason, I have built this business and dedicate myself to improve each and every day. yes, it is a tremendous amount of work.
I thoroughly enjoy the unique opportunity to touch so many people's lives and to truly make a difference. jewelry can do just that. be it gold and gemstones, or copper and cloisonne, all have the ability of striking deep-seated emotions and creating lifelong memories for all of us, the romance of an engagement ring! The Fabulous apparel and jewelry you wore on that memorable night out. it's been my experience.
when people feel good and happy, they want to make other people feel good they want to make other people happy.

a percentage of every purchase is used to support this worthy cause Action Against Hunger USA 

Access our donations information in real time! Click!

Action Against Hunger USA Home page Click!